What We've Been Doing The Past Few Months...

Many of you are probably wondering where we have been the past few months.  Well, we've been planning, coordinating and designing every single detail of a wedding!  Here's a little taste of the many details:

Many of the details of the wedding were centered around the fact that the bride would be wearing her grandmother's brooch on her dress. She carried a brooch bouquet. All of the ladies in the wedding party, including the bride, bride's mom and flowergirl, wore bracelets made from antique brooches that were hand-picked just for them.

The good news is - Now, we are back to normal operating hours and turnaround time.  We've also revamped our website so you'll see just how serious we are about making this the best shopping experience possible!  Please take a moment to visit our website and remember us when you need a unique, yet personalized gift for someone special in your life!  

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