Website Updated!

Not a fan of Etsy? Don't feel like setting up an account? Well, don't worry...We've now added your favorite Easter designs on our website!

New items are being added daily.



Easter Is Almost Here!

Well, this is no doubt the second busiest holiday for us. We've been busy making Easter outfits, baskets, t-shirts with Easter appliques...all things Easter! So far, I have been extremely pleased with the outcome of the different appliques that we've used. I still have plenty more to show you, but here are a few samples of items that will be listed on Etsy tomorrow.


Baby Showers and Such

It's been a while since I posted new items, but I wanted to wait until this baby shower was over so that I didn't spoil the surprise. I was asked to monogram and applique some baby items for decorations at a baby shower. They left the designing up to me, so I had fun playing around with fabrics and thread colors. See what you think...

All of these are listed on Etsy. Click the image to see the details. Have a great week!


What have we been working on lately?

Lots of Big Sis outfits...

And very cute ruffle pants...

I'll be back soon with our new Mickey and Minnie designs!


Not Everything Goes As Planned

Well, I started out the afternoon with some really good ideas, but things didn't exactly go as planned. First, I wanted to stitch out a sample shirt with the Easter train on it. I was almost finished and I realized that I didn't have a big enough piece of green fabric to cover the big wheels up front. I thought that I could make it work, but as you can see, it's a little obvious that I was trying to cover something up on the first wheel. That's why I call these samples! :)

So, I moved right along to my second idea...an Easter Bunny shirt for Ally. Everything was great until I got to her name and realized that I was about to run out of that particular shade of pink thread. I have like 20 different shades of pink, but no two are exactly the same. So, I stood there for a second and then decided to try alternating colors. I'm still trying to decide if I like it. What do you think?

I think this is so cute with the matching ruffle pants! I'll have these designs posted on Etsy a little later tonight. Let me know what you think.


Monkeys, Crowns, Airplanes and Automobiles make for a busy weekend!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and Easter will be here before you know it! That's why I'm keeping the Etsy coupon active for one more day. Enter the code "Valentine" upon checkout to receive 20% off your order. Coupon will expire Monday, 1/24/11.

I've gotten several orders during the past week, which makes for a busy weekend. I'm also trying to throw in a couple of new designs here and there. Check out a few items I've been working on the past couple of days (click the images to see prices)...



Hi and welcome to my blog! Some of you may be wondering what in the world I'm thinking as I venture into this mysterious "blog world." I know, I know...I really don't need to add one more item to my list of things to do each day. I really can't resist it, though. Here's the plan...I just want to use this as a forum to showcase some of our designs. As many of you know, after closing our store front in Foley, my mom and I decided to launch a website where we make and sell children's clothing, accessories, and all things monogrammed. We recently opened an Etsy shop, where we feature our newest applique designs and other fun items. So, with the website, Etsy shop, and Facebook fan page, it's hard to keep up with everything. That's where this blog will come into play.

I will be posting our newest designs here and placing a link to the site where they can be purchased. Also, this will be the place to find out about our current sales and promotions. I'll also show you different steps in the process, for those of you that might be interested in what it takes to applique/monogram.

To our customers, thank you for helping us bring our business this far! We look forward to many more fun years!